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Easycart Tox plus


  • It very good in eliminating stomach related problems as it helps in reducing the stress on the digestive system and detoxifying the body within 30 days
  • It helps in improving body’s immune system
  • It helps in reducing inflammation in the intestines
  • It improves proper digestion of foods
  • To be taken 15 minutes before meal with warm water It can be taken by any age group.

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Easycart Tox plus is herbal blend created clear the toxins materials from the body in a safe and efficient way to build a healthy body and mind. It is very good in eliminating stomach related problems. This product has been specifically formulated with the aim of minimising ‘die-off’ reactions as part of the detoxification process, whilst restoring microbial balance to the intestinal tract. It helps in reducing stress on the digestive system. It is used to increase the absorption of nutrients from the food and ensure proper digestion. It is used to improve body’s immune system within 30 days. NOTE:- To be used once in 4 months


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