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Toptime Deltas Nutrilong’s Astaaxanthin


In simple terms, aging is defined as the process of becoming older, both cognitive and physical, over the time. Of course, aging is inevitable. While many of us would like to stop the clock but it’s not possible. “Reversal of age” is now no more a Myth. Regular intake of key nutrition slows the degeneration rate, prevents premature ageing and arrests the ageing process. Research based studies shows that the ingredients like AstaaXanthin and Curcumin have the potential to reverse the Age.

AstaaXanthin is a natural red pigment found in seaweed and algae. According to the scientists, antioxidants slow down the ageing but AstaaXanthin is the only antioxidant that reverses the Ageing due to its stimulating effect on FOXO genes.


Deltas advanced research Lab formulated Nutrilong’ AstaaXanthin; a unique blend of AstaaXanthin with essential natural anti-oxidant herbs for the reversal of age. Nutrilong’ AstaaXanthin activate the stem cells to provide complete internal protection. Further AstaaXanthin with Nano-Curcumin present in Nutrilong’ AstaaXanthin are highest known anti-oxidant available from natural source. Nutrilong’ AstaaXanthin contains the purest form of natural AstaaXanthin, EPA & DHA derived from microalgae with Nano Curcumin. These are lipid based ingredients and therefore to digest and increase optimum absorption, Enzyme lipase & piperin is used. Further the AKBA extract of Boswellia serrata and micronized zinc reduces micro inflammation responsible for Ageing.

Toptime Deltas NutriLong AstaXanthin tablets with Nano Curcumin complex are designed to defying age and degeneration. It keeps skin healthy, youthful and radiant by improving skin texture, brightness and skin elasticity. It supports cardio-vascular health and also helpful in eye stress and recovery from blue light damage. It improves age related muscle mass weakness thus promotes recovery and supports athletes for endurance during regular work-out. It increases cognitive function and memory naturally.

Dosage :Use 1-2 tablets of NutriLong AstaaXanthin every day after meal.

Presentation : 60 Tablets


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