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Toptime Deltas Nutrilong Arjunaa Plus 60Tabs


Supplement for natural heart function and muscle strength



Composition: Each Nutrilong Arjunaa Plus Tablet contains:
400 mg Arjun (Terminalia arjuna), 50mg  Kokum (Garcinia indica), 50mg Matulunga (Citrus medica), 25mg Diosmin

Application: People involved in sedentary lifestyle, smoking and susceptible to blood pressure. People at the risk of coronary artery disease. People involved in excessive sports, hiking, climbing and other endurance sports.Imbalance cholesterol levels and increase in LDL cholesterol. Supplement after heart muscle exertion, injury or post surgery supplement. Elderly people with weak cardiac muscles

Dosage: 1 Tablet twice a day after meals or as directed by physician.


Nutrilong Arjunaa Plus Tablet 600 mg made with extracts of Arjun, Kokum and Matulunga to make it a perfect blend for health, blood pressure and heart function. Arjuna contains a group of plant compounds such as gallic acid, ethyl gallate, and the flavone luteolin that support the cardiovascular system, normal blood pressure and normal muscle contraction. Diosmin present in Matulunga supports normal heart function, healthy circulation & blood pressure; Kokum supports in maintaining natural cholesterol levels.


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