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Toptime Deltas Nutrilong Curcumin Max 60Tabs


Supplement for healthy skin, blood and Immunity


Composition: Each NutriLong Curcumin Max Tablet contains: 400 mg of full spectrum curcumin complex, Curcumin extracts having Bisdemethoxy curcumin, Demethoxy curcumin as 95% curcuminoids, 50 mg of ginger having 5% gingerols, 50 mg of long pepper having 45% of piperine, 25 mg of arabinogalactan



Application: People susceptible to psoriasis, eczema, skin infection, acne and fungal infections. People having degenerative bone disease like osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, stiffness. Healing from sports injury & post surgical recovery. People looking for skin revitalization, detox, and wound healing. Adjuvant is diabetes. Adjuvant in anemia. Adjuvant in old inflammatory colon disease.



Dosage: Use 1 tablet up to two times a day after meal



Nutrilong Curcumin Max Tablet is a powerful combination of curcumin complex ginger extract, pepper extract and arabinogalactan. The curcumin complex contains potent antioxidants of three different bioactive forms of curcuminoids from the spice turmeric. This antioxidant combination has been proven to protect organs like the nerves, joints, colon, liver and heart by neutralizing damaging free radicals that attack these organs and by inhibiting their formation.

Our concentrated, Nutrilong Curcumin Max Tablet is produced with unique technology for enhancing its water solubility, which increases the absorption of our curcumin complex by 200 times.The ginger extract potentates digestion and provides a synergistic effect to curcumin complex for relieving inflammation and preventing oxidative stress. Piperine extracts from long pepper maintains cellular balance.


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