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Toptime Deltas Nutrilongs chlorophyll detox

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The various processing and cooking methods cause loss and conversion of plant ingredients. This results in a lack of nutritional value of the food. Due to bad eating habits, increased acid levels also known as acidosis can result in headache, confusion, lethargy, fatigue, loss of consciousness, etc. Nutrilong’s Chlorophyll Detox formula is a solution to manage such conditions of Acidosis and also provides highly potent chlorophyll in its finest form.

Chlorophyll is known to be a powerful cleansing agent that promotes cell regeneration, balances the acid-alkaline levels, and boosts the immune system. It is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, anti-mutagenic agent, internal deodorant, and promotes wound healing. It prevents DNA damage and maintains the pH of the body.


Toptime Deltas NutriLong’s Chlorophyll Detox is the world’s first formula that contains Chlorophyll A (with Mulberry leaves extract and Alfalfa extracts), Chlorophyll B (with green algae Chlorella), Chlorophyll C (Chlorophyllin Copper Complex synthesized from brown), and Chlorophyll D from red algae sources.

These extracts are blended with Inulin powder that protects the highly reactive copper chlorophyll complex and other extracts from oxidation and acts as a prebiotic for the gut. Inulin provides a synergistic effect while supporting weight management through balancing appetite. Thus, it promotes healthy metabolism and promotes detoxification of the body.

Dosage: Use 1-2 Sachets of NutriLong Chlorophyll Detox every day to maintain balance and comprehensive cleansing.

Presentation :3g X 30 Sachets


6 reviews for Toptime Deltas Nutrilongs chlorophyll detox

  1. Alishav Pattnaik

    Product was really nice

  2. Arvind dubey

    Best product

  3. Vikash


  4. Ajay kumar

    good product

  5. Reena singh

    Thank you so much for providing good product

  6. Manju Kumari

    Nice 👍

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